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Here at the Centre for Adoption Support we recognise that many of the children and young people who are growing up in adoptive families have complex physical, emotional, developmental and educational needs. Research indicates that a growing number of children and young people demonstrate emotional and behavioural needs that go beyond the strategies learnt via professional training and experience. The rich information that we have gathered as a service has enabled us to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges that some adopted children face in the education setting.

We have facilitated training into nurseries, schools and colleges with the aim creating an ‘attachment and trauma aware’ community, so as children and young people experience the nurturing environments that they need to develop, grow and achieve.

We have extended our accumulated learning to many caring professionals within educational settings, so increasing their levels of confidence and understanding. Professionals have fed back how much they have valued the training and personal development which has had numerous benefits, for not only the families and children that they work so hard to support, but also for the staff themselves feeling valued and enabling them to move forward to the next level as a team.

Our ‘Attachment and the Impact of Early Trauma Training’ has reached approximately 90 schools and colleges, with the number of attendees ranging from small teams to groups of 80 plus staff.  Additionally we have facilitated numerous Reduced Anxiety Management Plans (RAMPS) into schools and colleges.

We have extended our training to workplaces and higher education settings recognising that the experiences of childhood trauma may continue to have an impact as young people embark on their careers and/or into further education.

All of our training to education settings is available to view on our events page.

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