The Bespoke Family Finding Service

Our range of services to support adoption & permanency


The Bespoke Family Finding Service

A service offered to Local Authorities

The Bespoke Family Finding Service undertakes ‘niche’ family finding and/ or direct work service built around the individual child’s needs.  The aim of the service is to create opportunities to identify a permanent family for children with the following characteristics:

  • Children with disabilities
  • Older children (aged 4 plus)
  • Sibling groups
  • Children from BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) groups
  • and children with additional needs.

An extension of this definition also includes children who have experienced or witnessed inappropriate adult behaviour or material as well as children who display child to parent violence.

Typically speaking, these children wait longer for a family. Permanence refers to adoption and long term fostering. The service operates a child specific model informed by research* and practice to create equality in adoption for children who wait longer.

A unique aspect of this service is to feature children using their original names and photos in the public domain, using a range of marketing methods to help identify potential families.

The service has worked with a number of Local Authorities nationally to explore creative ways to find families for children that wait longer. Some of the Local Authorities have requested repeat referrals due to the creative methods and success in identifying families for children who wait longer.

For more information & pricing, email the team at:

*(Planning Transitions for Children moving to Permanent Placement: What do you do after you say “hello”? Published by Family Futures Burnell, Castell, & Cousins March 2009; Supporting Children during Adoption Breakdown, Jones, 2017)