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For families

We know that learning is an on-going process for all parents and especially for adoptive parents.

We understand that many adopted children can face challenges as a result of early life experiences and sometimes, children, their families, schools and all those around them need help to understand and meet those challenges. Our experienced team will work with you, and if needed your local authority, to identify the best support for them at their point of need at whatever age or stage.

As at August 2018, we have worked with over 850 families

What we offer

Our full list of training events and workshops is available to view on our Events page.  Our training programme is ever changing to meet the needs and demands of our adoptive families and we would welcome your suggestions for future workshops.  An overview of what we currently offer includes:

  • Reflective Therapeutic Consultations, meet with you to discuss your requirements
  • Training courses: Nurtured Heart Approach, Therapeutic parenting; Life story workshops, Child to parent violence & aggression (CPVA), parenting siblings & teenagers and many more
  • Activity days and events; rock and river, drama, choir etc.
  • Direct work with families and individuals
  • Referral (where appropriate) to our Therapy Service led by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Support for children in the school setting (specialist services to schools)
  • Family support services / buddying / groups such as Nestlings

Our pricing ranges from £50 per workshop and most of our services fall within the remit of the Adoption Support Fund (ASF). The ASF can be used to fund specialist therapeutic support for your family.  You will need an assessment of your support needs carried out by your local authority to access the fund.  The assessment will indicate which support services are likely to be the most helpful.  We have worked with many local authorities in ensuring that this process runs as smoothly as possible.

Adoption Matters Families

Events, activities, workshops and consultations shown on this website are part of our core offer to Adoption Matters  adopters so are free of charge to you, unless otherwise stated.

Families who are/were approved by other agencies
The first step is to contact your local authority to discuss your families needs. The local authority that places the child with you is responsible for assessing your adoption support needs for three years after the adoption order. After three years it becomes the responsibility of the local authority where you live (if different). Your local authority may then carry out an Assessment of Adoption Support Needs. Depending on the outcome of this assessment, the local authority may be able to meet these needs through their own core services or may commission our service to provide training, support or therapeutic services.

Alternatively you may wish to fund your own workshop place, workshops which are 3 hours or less cost £50 per person and those above 3 hours are generally £75 per person. There are specialist workshops, which differ from this pricing so please contact us for clarification.


What do families say:

“Just a big Thank you. Both course presenters were really approachable and couldn’t’ have wanted to help any more. So warm”

“Applying this training has already been life-changing. Thank you.”

“My husband and I were incredibly apprehensive about this course. However, we did not need to be at all. The content and delivery were thorough and we have practised many elements that we learnt and it has been very beneficial to the parenting of our children. Thank you”

“Excellent staff who made for a great welcome and put 110% heart, emotion, knowledge and experience into their work”

“Very human in the way they acknowledged the difficulties we are experiencing. I felt understood”

“Access to so many crucial insights and experienced practitioners… An outstanding source of help for adoptive families”

“Applying this training has been life changing!”

“Thank you for providing this wonderful support, helping us gain an insight/strategies of how to help our children”

“I appreciate the help given by CfAS, I feel it has really benefited our family”

For information about our full range of training available and a quotation, just fill in our enquiry form here or contact us on Tel: 01925 534 118 or email: