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The Centre for Adoption Support is a unique support service supporting adoption and permanency delivered by Adoption Matters, a registered children’s charity and one of the largest voluntary adoption agencies in the UK placing over 4,300 children in our history.  Our experienced multi-disciplinary team works closely with families and professionals to equip them with the necessary knowledge, understanding and strategies needed to support their children at different points along their adoption journey.

Our practitioners  are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Theraplay, VIPP-SD (Video Interactive Parenting Programme), VIG (Video Interactive Guidance) and the Nurtured Heart Approach™.  To date, we have worked with over 850 families and more than 150 schools across the North of England.

All Adoption Matters families have access to most of the Centre’s workshops and training, free of charge. This is in addition to the ongoing support you receive from your own named Adoption Matters Adoption Practitioner.

Adoption Matters is the ONLY adoption agency in the North of England to be rated Outstanding by Ofsted 4 times in a row and we are proud of the innovative support offered through the Centre, which was established in 2014.

We offer services to Families (adopters, foster carers and special guardians), Local Authorities and Education Professionals


From 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 the Centre has:

  • Worked with 317 families
  • Received 235 from local authorities
  • Facilitated 174 therapeutic consultations
  • 423 people have attended 37 different CfAS workshops
  • Worked with 63 schools facilitating RAMPS and Attachment and Trauma Training

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We offer a wide variety of training and workshops to adoptive families, including their extended families, support networks and adopted children, long term foster carers and special guardians.  Our ethos is ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ Our experienced team will work with you to identify the best support for you, at whatever stage of the adoption journey you are at.  From their first week with you to their first day at school or college.

Our pricing ranges from £50 per workshop and most of our services fall within the remit of the Adoption Support Fund (ASF). The ASF can be used to fund specialist therapeutic support for your family.  You will need an assessment of your support needs carried out by your local authority to access the fund.  The assessment will indicate which support services are likely to be the most helpful.  We have worked with over 150 local authorities in ensuring that this process runs as smoothly as possible.


  • We offer a wide variety of training for families, including their support networks, adopted children, long term foster carers and special guardians, local authorities and education professionals. A sample of training is included below: 

    • Therapeutic Parenting workshop

      An interactive day including Theraplay, DDP & Nurtured Heart Approach.

    • Nurtured Heart workshop

      The Nurtured Heart Approach for parents & professionals at entry level.

    • Brain to Brain Connection workshop

      A workshop focused on how trauma impacts development.

    • Theraplay® 4 Day Training Course

      Four day course focused on attachment-based parenting techniques proven to strengthen family bonds.

    • Lifestory workshop

      Helping adopters understand their child's background and prepare for sharing information about their life.

    • Child to Parent Violence & Aggression

      For families managing physical & verbal aggression at home, putting it into perspective in the parenting arena.

    • Parenting Teenagers

      The workshop will consider the specific challenges in parenting teenagers who have been adopted.

    • Training for schools - Attachment and Trauma

      Helping staff understand the effects of early trauma, loss and attachment difficulties.

    • Training for schools - Nurtured Heart

      Training provided for school staff on the Nurtured Heart approach within the school setting.

    • Reducing Anxiety Management Plan (RAMP)

      This is a tool to help schools support children.

    • Training for schools - Sunshine circles

      Interactive play groups that promote positive relationships in the classroom.

    • Training for schools - school assembly

      This assembly for primary schools opens up a discussion about adoption.

  • A sample of some of our workshops include:

    • Social Communication Workshops

      Tailored to your child's age, choose either Early Years (0-5 years) or Social Communication (5+ years)

    • Lifestory workshop

      Helping adopters understand their child's background and prepare for sharing information about their life.

    • One to one Lifestory work

      Therapeutic lifestory work on a one to one basis with a child, up to 6 sessions.

    • Making Positive Changes and Creating Happier Habits

      This workshop aims to help you discover what motivates you and your loved ones.

    • Sensory Processing

      Help parents to understand their child better in relation to Sensory processing.

    • Strategies to facilitate Parenting Teenagers

      Learn about the physical and emotional changes that take place during the teenage years.

    • Strengthening Families

      Highlights the importance of play to strengthen bonds and attachments in adoptive families.

    • Resilience and self care

      Aimed at all parents and professionals who want to improve their self-care skills.

  • Support can come in a variety of ways through our workshops, activities & events.

    • Reflective Therapeutic Consultations

      Offer an opportunity for adoptive parents & professionals to meet, discuss and explore challenges faced.

    • Theraplay Informed Therapeutic Parenting Sessions

      The sessions will develop the parents confidence in the use of the Theraplay structured play

    • Friends of CfAS Events

      Fun and informal events with interesting topics and speakers for families and professionals to chat together.

    • Activities & events

      Activity days out during school holidays & Christmas events.

    • Support Groups

      For adopted children & adopters

    • The CfAS Choir

      Our choir brings together adopted children, siblings and families in a fun relaxed environment to belt out tunes!

    • You & your support network

      To assist your family and friends to acquire some of the knowledge that you will have gathered in your preparation

    • Stay & Play Group

      Gives new adoptive parents the chance to meet with others whilst their children play


We offer a range of services to support adoption and permanency for local authorities and education professionals.  In addition, we offer a bespoke family finding service to local authorities to assist with family finding for children who may wait longer for an adoptive family.

  • Tailored training

    We tailor our training to meet your needs and we are open to suggestions on future courses and workshops, just let us know what you are interested in!


    We will agree on an appropriate plan of action which may include a consultation, workshop, family work or one to one work. We will identify training appropriate to the needs of each case.

    Support Plan

    An agreed plan of action is confirmed with the family and referring Local Authority in writing. A full breakdown of the costs involved to support your claim is provided to the Adoption Support Fund.

  • Implementation

    We will then provide the support / training to children, parents and professionals as outlined in the plan.


    The service is regularly reviewed with families, the referral Local Authority within agreed intervals. We will keep you informed of progress.

    Bespoke Family Finding

    The Bespoke Family Finding Service undertakes ‘niche’ family finding and/ or direct work service built around the individual child’s needs.

  • Links to Therapy Services

    We have links to Adoption Matters therapy services with a wide range of experienced therapists.

    Adopted children's choir

    The CfAS Choir started in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength, growing in members; all of whom are either adopted, have adopted siblings or have parents in the profession.

    Friends of CfAS Events

    We host regular events bringing together a wide variety of interesting speakers and topics, events are open to Local Authority colleagues and families.

  • Education Professonals

    We have facilitated training into nurseries, schools and colleges with the aim creating an ‘attachment and trauma aware’ community,

    Higher education & workplace

    We have extended our training to workplaces & higher education settings recognising that the experiences of childhood trauma may continue to have an impact as young people embark on their careers and/or further training.

    An 'Outstanding' service

    Our parent agency, Adoption Matters, is rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted - 2018.

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