The Centre for Adoption Support offers a wide range of support and training services for adoption and permanency.  Our experience shows that by providing families with access to broad training and support from the early stages, we enable them to develop their own strategies for managing the family situation and build their confidence and resilience.  We will work with you in identifying and addressing the support requirements of your children and family – clarifying your future needs not just what’s right now, but what you could need in the future.  We offer training on supporting babies, toddlers to teens.  Most of our services fall within the remit of the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) and we will assist your local authority in their submission if required.

To date (April 2018) we have worked with over 800 families and more than 110 schools across the North West.

The service was established as a partnership between two long established charities and specialist adoption agencies, Adoption Matters and Caritas Care. The two agencies together have over 140 years’ experience in working with Local Authorities across the UK to find families for children in care and provide adoption support services.

Both agencies are rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.


Between April 2017 and March 2018 we:

  • Worked with 412 families and 153 different local authorities
  • 502 people attended 67 different workshops


We know that learning is an on-going process for all parents and especially for adoptive parents.  All of our services offered are led by qualified and experienced staff. We welcome families suggestions and feedback about future training requirements, so do have a chat with us if there is an area of training or support that is not listed that you feel would be of value to you.

Adoption Matters & Caritas Care families – Events, activities, workshops and consultations shown in our newsletter are available free of charge, unless otherwise stated.

Families who adopted through other adoption agencies (including Local Authorities) – You can access our services following an assessment for adoption support and a referral to our service from your social worker. Most of our services fall within the remit of the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) and we will assist your local authority in their submission if required.

Please see our Calendar of Events for the up-to-date schedule of workshops we are currently running. Further information on our courses and any of our other services can be found in our latest Newsletter.



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about Adoption Support

    • Reflective Therapeutic Consultation

      An opportunity for families to meet with a therapeutic social worker on a one to one basis.

    • Therapeutic Parenting workshop

      An interactive day including Theraplay, DDP & Nurtured Heart Approach.

    • Nurtured Heart workshop

      The Nurtured Heart Approach for parents & professionals at entry level.

    • Brain to Brain Connection workshop

      A workshop focused on how trauma impacts development.

    • Theraplay® 4 Day Training Course

      Four day course focused on attachment-based parenting techniques proven to strengthen family bonds.

    • You and your support network

      Help family and friends to understand why adoptive parenting may differ from a more conventional approach.

    • Communication workshops

      Tailored to your child's age, choose either Early Years (0-5 years) or Social Communication (5 years +).

    • Lifestory workshop

      Helping adopters understand their child's background and prepare for sharing information about their life.

    • Child to Parent Violence workshop

      For families managing physical & verbal aggression at home.

    • Parenting Teenagers

      The workshop will consider the specific challenges in parenting teenagers who have been adopted.

    • Parenting siblings workshop

      How therapeutic parenting strategies can be adapted for families adopting more than one child.

    • Activites

      Meet and have fun. Regular events such as Choir or Nestlings, to annual events such as Rock & River/Brockholes.

  • We offer a bespoke service tailored to families and professionals. Access to these services follows an assessment for adoption support and a referral to our service from your social worker. Many of our services fall within the remit of the Adoption Support Fund (ASF).

    • Therapeutic sessions

      Increase emotional and behavioural wellbeing through a adoption specific, relational therapeutic approach.

    • One to one Lifestory work

      Therapeutic lifestory work on a one to one basis with a child, up to 6 sessions.

    • Theraplay Informed Therapeutic Parenting Sessions

      The sessions will develop the parents confidence in the use of the Theraplay structured play techniques.

    • Reducing Anxiety Management Plan (RAMP)

      This is a tool to help schools support children.

    • Training for schools - Nurtured Heart

      Training provided for school staff on the Nurtured Heart approach within the school setting.

    • Training for schools - Attachment and Trauma

      Helping staff understand the effects of early trauma, loss and attachment difficulties.

    • Training for schools - Sunshine Circles

      Interactive play groups that promote positive relationships in the classroom.

    • Training for schools - School Assembly

      This assembly for primary schools opens up a discussion about adoption.

  • Our therapy service can provide a wide range of therapists located throughout the North West. All therapists have the specialist skills and experience in working with adopted children and their families. Approaches include: Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP), Theraplay, child psychotherapy, filial play therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR). Approaches incorporate developments in neuropsychology, brain development and sensory integration. Our therapy services can be accessed by asking your approving authority to apply the Adoption Support Fund. Further detail on each course/session is available in our brochure.

    • Assessment of need

      Our therapists would carry out a full assessment of need for the family and child to form a support plan.

    • Assessment of need

      A clinical psychologist would carry out a full assessment of need for the family and child to form a support plan.

    • Theraplay package

    • Theraplay package

    • DDP package

    • DDP package

    • Play therapist package

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Adopted children can face challenges due to early life experiences and sometimes children, their families, schools and all those around them need help to understand and meet those challenges. Our experienced team will work with you and your families to identify the best support for them, at their point of need, at whatever age or stage.

Click for our latest CfAS Calendar of Events April-July 2018 and our Annual Report 2016-17.

We also offer a Bespoke Family Finding Service,  providing child specific recruitment and marketing plans, please refer to our Bespoke Family Finding Guide 2015 for further information. Our bespoke family finding service worker will meet with the child’s social worker, foster carer and any other important professionals in their lives to gain a real insight into their needs. We will then prepare a marketing plan for each child which typically also includes professional photography and videos. In addition to targeted recruitment you will also have access to our approved families across the North West, Yorkshire & Humberside, parts of the Midlands, North Wales and beyond. Our adopters offer the skills and capacity to consider children with a wide range of needs.  A £30m fund was set up in 2015 to cover local authority inter agency fees for ‘harder to place’ children, more information available here.

  • Referral

    You will complete the referral form indicating which services you would like to request for your family, and provide any further relevant information.


    We will agree on an appropriate plan of action which may include a consultation, workshop, family work or one to one work. We will identify training appropriate to the needs of each case.

    Support Plan

    An agreed plan of action is confirmed with the family and referring Local Authority in writing. A full breakdown of the costs involved to support your claim is provided to the Adoption Support Fund.

  • Implementation

    We will then provide the support / training to children, parents and professionals as outlined in the plan.


    The service is regularly reviewed with families, the referral Local Authority within agreed intervals. We will keep you informed of progress.

    Bespoke Family Finding

    We also offer a bespoke family finding service. Targeting our recruited families across the north west, Yorkshire & Humberside, parts of the Midlands and North Wales.

  • Child-centred recruitment

    We have extensive combined experience of child-centred recruitment and give you access to adopters with the skills and capacity to consider children with a wide range of needs.

    Assessment to approval

    We have a dedicated family finding team with experience of placing children with high needs. Adopters will have the continuity of working with the same social worker throughout their journey.

    The family finding process

    We will meet with you and the child's social worker, foster carer and any other important professionals to gain an understanding of yours and the child's needs.

  • The family finding process

    We will then meet with you to discuss our recommended recruitment options for the child/children and a specific recruitment plan will be agreed.

    Experienced marketing team

    As well as our combined 140 years adoption agency experience in finding and assessing families for children, our marketing team have proven success in finding families for children with high and complex needs.

    A professional service

    We can commission professional photography and videos, design a child's profile, design professional child specific artwork for press and online use & profile children through our many national partners.

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